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Formats For Kart Racing

There are different formats in which kart racing is done, some of the formats for kart racing are meant for competitive kart racing while others are for fun purpose. Know more about various types of kart racing formats with the help of given review. In this review, discussed in detail are some of the main formats for kart racing:

Sprint Kart Racing Format
Among the different available formats for kart racing, the sprint kart racing format is that in which racing happens on some dedicated kart circuits which are like small road courses having left and right turns. The length of the racing track is usually between 400 meters to over 1,600 meters.

Sprint kart racing format actually formed by the series of short-duration races, which have small count of laps, which gets qualified for a final, with diverse point scoring calculations to figure out the overall winner of the competition. Normally, the duration is not more than fifteen minutes. What is important in these kinds of sprint karting formats is speed and successful passing.

Endurance Kart Racing Format
The races which follow endurance kart racing formats typically run for an extended period which can be anywhere between 30 minutes to 24 hours and even longer, for one or more drivers. Generally, the importance is given to consistency, dependability, and pit strategy over the speed in endurance kart racing formats.

These types of formats for kart racing are known as Enduro in United States racing and the events generally last 30 minutes to 45 minutes and are run without any stops. Enduro events are organized on full-size road racing circuits which have length between 1.5 & 4 miles.

Speedway Kart Racing Format
Speedway kart racing format is those in which kart racing happens on track made by asphalt or clay and are oval in shape. The length of the track used in speedway karting formats generally lies between 1/6 mile and 1/4 mile. There are normally two straights and four left-turn corners on the track.