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Recreational Kart Racing

The concept of recreational kart racing is fast becoming popular option for having lots of fun as well as enjoyment. Apart from traditional kart racing centers, there are so many commercial centers which are offering recreational karting for those who want to enjoy the recreational or concession karts drive. In these centers where kart racing for recreation is offered, you can get racing karts on rental basis and these are generally known as recreational or concession karts.

Karting for recreation can be done on either of indoor or outdoor tracks. Usually, the carts are rented on session basis which is of 10 to 15 minutes. The karts used in recreational kart racing are the karts which have sturdy chassis completed with dedicated bodywork to ensure driver safety. In most of the recreational karting centers usually the Arrive and Drive format is used which means that you will get the racing kart on your turn. Good thing about these recreational kart racing centers is that they are provide customers with all the safety gear equipment necessary for proper safety. The safety gear comprises of helmets, body suit for driver and gloves. Kart racing for recreation concept is quite popular because it has become quite easy and convenient because of commercial recreational karting centers as they not only provide you with all the required equipments but there are other advantages also. You can go there any time to enjoy karting at reasonable price, without having to bother about owning your own equipment and gear required for kart racing.

Indoor tracks for recreational kart racing can easily be found large cities all around the globe. You will find out that most of the times the tracks meant for karting for recreation are usually located in abolished factories or warehouses. These tracks are somewhat shorter in length as compared to the traditional outdoor tracks. Moreover, the karts used on indoor tracks are powered by using a 4-stroke gasoline engine which outputs anywhere from 5 to 13 horsepower, or sometimes by an electric motor.

Many centers tracks which are meant for Kart racing for recreation purpose also provide players to participate in competitive races and leagues competitions. There is a famous competition in this category which is organized every year and is called as Indoor Karting World Championship (IKWC).