kart racing

What Is Kart Racing?

This article presents a comprehensive review about kart racing containing complete info on karting, thus helping you understand what is kart racing?

Let us start exploring what is kart racing by going through the given review presenting detailed explanation of kart racing.

Kart racing is actually is a kind of variation of motor sport however done with the help of comparatively smaller, open four-wheeled vehicles which are known as karts, go-karts, or gearbox/shifter karts based on the design of the vehicle. Kart racing is also popularly known as karting these days.

The main characteristic of kart racing which also districts it from other variations of motor sport is that carts are generally raced on using scaled-down circuits. This is also one of the good things about kart racing which makes it suitable sport to start learning motor sport and is also comprehended as stepping stone to the higher ranks of motorsports.

The karts used in karting are of various sizes and also there are great variations in the speed of the racing karts. There is a type of carts which are known as superkarts which can attain the speed of 260 km/h and can also exceed this speed, while go-karts are meant for the general public in various kinds of amusement parks and usually there speed is limited to not more than 24 km/h.

Another type of racing kart known as KF1 kart, which have a 2-strock engine of capacity 125 cc with overall weight of 150 kilograms including the weight of the driver can attain a top speed of137 km/h. prominent feature about these types of karts is that within a little more than three seconds, they attain a speed of 60 mph from 0km/hr with the help of a 125 cc shifter kart engine with 6 gears, with a top speed of 185 km/h on long circuits.

Another useful feature about kart racing is that it is usually considered as the most economic version of expensive discipline of motorsport available these days. It can be enjoyed by anyone in his or her free time and also by those who want to master this sport.