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History Of Kart Racing

The history of kart racing goes back to 1956 when the first ever racing kart was built by Art Ingels, better known as the father of kart racing. The below featured review discusses in detail facts about history of karting. Let us take a look:

Art Ingels used to work as a race car builder at Kurtis Kraft, quite famous company for manufacturing racing cars, Indy race cars during 1950s. He was successful at setting up the first ever Go-Kart in kart racing history out of scrap metal and a surplus lying two-stroke cycle engine in Southern California. Since, that time in the history of karting, this form of motor sport has reached to various countries across the globe and presently, it has largest following in European countries.

In the entire history of kart racing, the first ever company which started production of racing kart was an American company, known as Go Kart Manufacturing Co. It started manufacturing the karting race cars in the year 1958 and also, another company named as the McCulloch was the first one which started to manufacture engines to be used in racing karts in 1959.

There is no doubt that in the karting history, it has really evolved from a being a simple pastime hobby to a nationally organized competitive form of motor sport. And the good thing is that a great deal of the original appeal is still the same as it used to be in earlier times of kart racing history. Karting still enjoys its status as being the most economical and inexpensive way to enjoy the thrill and excitement of motor racing. It is equally popular with all age groups ranging from a children to grown ups and equally popular among both male as well as females. And also, it is one of the best ways for having family fun together or downright serious competition.

In just a matter of over half decade, the karting has attained huge popularity in various countries of the world and there is not doubt in this that karting has now turned into a international sport.