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International Kart Racing

Just like there are different types of formats for kart racing, there are different categories for kart racing. In this article, we are going to discus about the international kart racing, which is one of the main categories of kart racing. The categories for cart racing are also sometimes called as classes or formula.

Let us take a look at some useful details regarding International Cart Racing:

The Commission Internationale de Karting, CIK or CIK-FIA which is defined as the governing body which is the main international sanctioning body for Kart racing.and was founded in 1962 with its headquartered in Paris. It merged with the FIA, thus known as CIK-FIA and the most important sporting event hosted by this body is known as the Karting World Championship. The event International karting is also sanctioned by the CIK-FIA in KF1, KF2, KF3, KZ1, KZ2 and Superkart.

The classes such as CIK-FIA in KF1, KF2, KF3, KZ1, KZ2 and Superkart are considered as classes belonging to highest kevel of Karting and sometimes are also put into race in the national category or national championships of kart racing across the globe. The World Championship of Karting (KF1) is decided at International cart racing class. The champion of the year 2009 was a French man known as Arnaud Kozlinski from France.

CIK-FIA Kart Racing International categories are:

• KF1 is the top level category in the International kart racing. The KF2, KF3, and KF4 are known as basis categories of Kart racing international. All of these categories make use of similar water-cooled no-gearbox 125 cc “long life” two-stroke engines along with the starter and clutch, each with different technical specifications like air boxes, mufflers , carburetor, rev limit etc.

• Both the classes KZ1 and KZ2 of international kart racing have 125 cc gearbox categories.

• The Superkart category of International karting makes use of 250 cc gearbox.